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Why most PC factory don’t do High quality board?

574 Published by Lanyu 6月 28,2018

A lot of user asked our Dealer , why pc sheet price is much higher than common boards ,while still so many engineering masters always choose this brand , The used landlord also helped to introduce the brand ,  Why don’t other manufacturers seldom do these high quality boards? Arguably, the technology of pc sheet is not so messy ,in fact pute pc sheet can do the high quality boards others manufacturers also can be ! I will inform you of the elements here :
一.Pc hollow sheet , pc solid sheet is not food or medicine , Or building materials, It will not threaten personal safety or serious industrial safety, This gives manufacturers and distributors ultimate and limited risks”, So Some manufacturers completely ignore the quality of thinking only one of the elements of the interests of the time.

二.The quality of the pc hollow sheet and pc solid sheet use our eyes to Identify is a little different . Even if the factory really use good material to do better goods, Maybe in short time can’t convince customers that trust is good goods , Depending on the protracted war, maybe I can’t keep it , in fact ,pc hollow sheet ,pc solid sheet in the state of Supply exceeds demand .

三.Pc hollow sheet ,pc solid sheet is not the Terminal goods , Equivalent to semi-finished products , also need devices. while the purchasers most are Engineering contractor ,not the finally users . This is a key question ,engineering involves engineering budget ,they will choose the cheaper boards , Even part of the project only asked the project before the checkout, there will be no quality doubt .

四.Above second and third is A difficult problem in Manufacturer comparison .Manufacturers for long time development thinking , in heart also wish to do the best goods , Unfortunately, the goods are not sold directly to the user’s hands, Bound by the middle link , Many dealers compete for price at location stores , The manufacturers are specially asked to make cheaper boards than their competitors at that time .

五.Suppose one of the pc hollow sheet production facility, most of time do the Low level not add the UV coated ,suppose Incidental produce add UV , Boot technician and other elements will have some problems .

Mention here, maybe you should understand , Why do most manufacturers refuse to produce the high quality boards? While pc sheet is the old brand ,always do the high quality and add UV coated products , brand quality is Already deepened in users heart . As a manufacturer, a brand is more trusted by a customer, Manufacturers pay more attention to quality ,As Brand value is hard to come .

Pc hollow sheet pc solid sheet brand quality use the Mixed together to describe is more suitable at shopping mall . There is no honesty in this profession, There is no perseverance in brand quality , It’s a little bit difficult to start from scratch .

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